Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roast Beast - Boston, Massachusetts

I realize that I usually post food that I have made here but tonight I am making a special exception. This past Thursday I took the day off and the family and I went to Boston for the Owl City concert. Before we left I did a little research to determine where we were going to eat prior to the concert. I didn't want to go to a normal chain restaurant and was determined to find somewhere that we would get a good hearty meal that was different from every other restaurant you normally find walking around the city.

After doing some searching online I found a place called Roast Beast. I was surprised that I never noticed this restaurant before. I have driven past it countless times but never saw the sign pointing the way down the stairs in the corner nook of the building to a little taste of heaven!

The menu is basic, you pick your meat of choice, Roast Beef or Turkey, how big you want it and the type of roll you want it on. Then it gets exciting because they have 14 different sauces to choose from and they are more than willing to put one or all of them on your sandwich. We were the only ones there at the time so they asked what our favorite tastes were and let us sample several different ones and made suggestions as to which combinations were their favorites. Once you decide on your sauce then you get to pick from 15 different cheeses. They offer lettuce, tomatoes and onions to finish off the sandwich.

(Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff)

They also offer spicy pickles and the 6 different types of brownie squares made this a must go establishment if you ever find yourself in the area. My only regret was despite us ordering 5 different sandwiches I never took a picture because all I could think about was getting mine and eating every bite of it! You can see some pictures of their food on their web site which I will post below. I know I will be a regular customer whenever I am working in the area - I strongly recommend you give it a try if you are ever in Boston and in need of a tasty, forever memorable, hearty sandwich! (As do my wife and kids)

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Will take a note on this for when we head out that way. :-)