Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simple Sandwich - Makes Mouths Happy

There is nothing fancy about this post but it is a meal that stirs my memories as the flavors dance on my taste buds. As a kid I was usually the runner when we were butchering deer - I would take different cuts of meat and run them into the kitchen where I would fry them up in a hot cast iron skillet with nothing more than a little butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Each year that I am blessed with harvesting a deer we enjoy the tenderloins either that night or the next but my favorite meal is the meat we cook while cutting and packaging the meat. Yesterday Rebecca was out shopping and the kids and I had venison sandwiches. Country style white bread with thin sliced venison cooked perfectly, pink in the middle and still dripping with juice! All I can say is...Amazing!


Kim said...

Mmm, "sammiches"!

Debbie said...

How cool. I use to love spending time with my dad. :-)