Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comfort Gourmet

Who says that comfort foods can't be turned into a gourmet dinner? Some times I crave hot dogs and while I prefer a juicy charcoal grilled frank with a natural casing some times a steamed sports venue style hot dog is what hits the spot. Tuesday nights are usually pretty hectic at our house so we often need a no nonsense meal so hot dogs it was. So now you know where the "Comfort" part of the title fits in now onto the "Gourmet" part.
While I love a hot dog with a little ketchup and mustard the are so many other ways to enjoy a cylinder shaped meat. for our dinner tonight I cooked some bacon in the oven while the hot dogs steamed and the jalapeno cheddar melted over low heat. While the meat and cheese were cooking I diced up fresh tomatoes, parsley, sweet onion, green onions and jalapenos. I also cooked up some steak fries as a side keeping with the no fuss utensil free dinner. Once everything was ready I gently placed the hot dogs in steamed potato rolls with a slice of bacon on each side. I topped them with the melted spicy cheese along with all the veggies. There was extra cheese so I topped the fries with it as well! The clean up after dinner was easy with the use of paper plates which ensured everyone made it to their evening obligations with time to spare.

Of course you can use whatever toppings you like best, in the past I have topped these with chili and coleslaw as well! These would be good with natural cased, tofu, chicken, beef or even turkey hot dogs.


Kim said...

I love meals like this. One of my favorites is brats on the grill in a french bread bun with tomato sauce and a sprinkle of raw onions on top. I also like the idea of coleslaw on my hot dog.

Debbie said...

WIENER - WIENER - WIENER ... I love Wieners!!! LOL... SERIOUSLY... watch the "Veggie Gal" convert when a WIENER is in her sight! ummmmmm.... Thinking I see a finger food meal in the VERY NEAR future :-)