Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wascally Winter Wabbit

Earlier this week I processed a couple dozen rabbits with my cousin and kept one in the ice box trying to decide how I wanted to cook it. After thinking about it I began to consider that the sweet flavor of rabbit meat might pair nicely with spicy curry. One thing I was sure of is that a spicy curry on a cold dark winter night turns dinner into a comfort meal. I started by taking the rabbit out of the ice box and let it come to temperature on the cutting board.

 Cut into individual servings
I prepped all my veggies - Garlic, Ginger Root, Tomatoes, Jalapeno, Onion, Sweet Pepper and Parsley
I browned the rabbit pieces in a hot pan with olive oil. Once all the pieces were browned I moved them to a plate and sauteed the veggies with the addition of a little chili oil. Once everything was soft I added the rabbit pieces back into the pan. I added a couple ounces of vodka to deglaze the pan before adding 2 cups of chicken stock and some red curry paste.
Once the liquid was boiling I lowered the heat to a low simmer and covered the pan to cook for 2 hours. Once the liquid had condensed to a thick sauce I added in a can of coconut milk and a large handful of unsweetened coconut shavings and returned to a simmer till reduced and thickened. During that time I steamed some rice to go along with the meat. just before serving I added a few splashes of cream into the pan with a handful of fresh chopped parsley.
I accompanied the meal with a local micro-brew Coffeehouse Porter

The entire family enjoyed the meal and we all agreed this was as good as the Rabbit Puttanesca and even better than the normal Braised Rabbit with Red Wine that I usually make. 

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Kim said...

This sounds like the perfect food/drink combination. Rabbit is so sweet and lovely, with the curry and dash of chili oil, it sounds heavenly.