Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Brunch

After a fun filled week I decided to stay in bed late today and justify it by making a hearty brunch meal for the family. This meal brings back childhood memories of my Grandmother, Angelina Aquilino. She would make a similar meal for me every week when I would go over to mow the lawn. Much like Grandma I used what I could find in the fridge - Italian cooking at it's finest!
Hearty whole grain white toast, crispy oven baked bacon, vegetable frittata and fruit salad. The saltiness of the bacon offset by the sweetness of the fruit married with hearty veggies in each bite of the soft egg made for an amazing first meal of the day.

The fruit salad was all fresh fruit we had on hand from our vacation snacks. It was seedless watermelon, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, granny smith apples, red plums, and peaches. For a pretty and delicious garnish I used mint leaves and a bing cherry. I didn't add any honey because all the fruit was ripe and naturally sweet.
For the frittata I sauteed diced onion, fresh hot cherry pepper, portabella mushroom, sweet bell pepper and broccoli. Once the veggies were soft I placed them aside and added olive oil and minced garlic to the pan. Once the garlic was aromatic I poured in my beaten eggs (fresh from my chickens this morning of course!) with a pinch of salt and pepper. I allowed them to begin setting over high heat and then moved the pan under the broiler to finish cooking. I topped the frittata with grated pecorino romano cheese, sliced scallions, diced tomato and a sprig of parsley all of which are meant to be eaten with the frittata. I spread the bacon in a single layer inside a heavy roasting pan and cooked at 475 degrees in the oven till a large amount of the fat had rendered out then I finished it under the broiler.

Buon Appetito

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Debbie said...

Use to love my bacon cooked in the oven.