Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When Bad Chickens go Good

Most people like to use the saying "When good (insert item here) go bad" but that isn't always the case. As many of my readers know I fancy raising some of my own food. Last year we decided we wanted a new bantam rooster but when it came time to sex the chicks I didn't have my notes and got it backwards. So I ended up with one hen and 5 roosters rather than 1 rooster and 5 hens. Once we realized my mistake I began trying to find new homes for these beautiful birds but being that they were roosters nobody wanted them. I decided to keep them as long as they were getting along and remained docile but there comes a time in every critters life that the testosterone kicks in and when that time comes with my chickens all the meanies must go! While some may find this crude the fact is they are chickens and not only does everything in the world taste like chicken, everyone in the world likes chicken - especially me!
 Now these were beautiful birds but once they turned into mean little roosters I decided to make them into a beautiful meal. Once they were processed they reminded me of Cornish Game Hens and made for a great one person per bird serving size. 
 I roasted them with carrots, onions and potatoes and lots of yummy seasonings
Once they were done I plated them with the roasted veggies, pickled eggs from my bantam hens and some homemade Peach Habanero sauce
They were delicious and proved that sometimes in life good things do come from bad chickens.


Sensei Mitch said...

Love it! Well written and makes me want a bad chicken for lunch!

Debbie said...

If ya can't beat 'em, EAT 'EM!
Sound yummy :-)